In divided America, some voters are tuning out the impeachment trial

For all the gravity of a presidential impeachment trial, Americans don’t seem to be giving it much weight. As House impeachment managers make their case to remove President Donald Trump from office, ... read more

California Voters to Decide Costly Bond Issues for ‘Climate Resiliency’

Given California’s international leadership in addressing climate change, it isn’t surprising that voters will be asked this November to approve billions of dollars in bonds to help the state become ... read more

Carey Mulligan: Oscar voters should watch all the movies

Carey Mulligan says Oscar voters should "prove" they've seen all the nominated movies before casting their votes. The 34-year-old actress believes there "should be a test" for the members of the ... read more

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden Gain as Elizabeth Warren Collapses Among Democratic-Leaning Voters: Poll

Washington Post/ABC survey shows Biden still appears to be favorite, as Sanders gains and Warren's popularity starts to fall ahead of Iowa caucuses. read more

Buttigieg warns that Sanders could alienate GOP and independent voters

Storm Lake, Iowa — Pete Buttigieg warned Saturday that Senator Bernie Sanders runs the risk of alienating Republican and independent voters who might be open to voting for a Democratic presidential ... read more

Voters feel 'frustrated' and 'overwhelmed' by politics

Lyz Lenz, a columnist for the Cedar Rapids Gazette, says "people are extremely frustrated by this whole impeachment trial," whether they support or oppose the president. They feel "really, really, ... read more

WH: Trump’s Tweet Meant Schiff’s ‘Price’ Would Be With Voters

When Kurtz asked Grisham to clarify what Trump meant by saying Schiff “hasn’t paid the price,” she replied, “I haven’t talked to him about it yet,” but that she thinks “he means he hasn’t yet paid the ... read more

What Iowa caucus voters reveal about the Democratic Party

And in recent election years, that has varied a lot. The caucuses always arrive as something of an unknown and they can be predictive, not just on who the nominee will be but who this cycle’s ... read more

From 'Trump train' to 'Yang Gang': Meet the conservatives and swing voters who have fallen hard for Andrew Yang

"We're not voting blue no matter who. We're Yangocrats," Russell Peterson, a former Trump supporter turned hardcore Yang backer, told Insider. read more

Pete Buttigieg's final week in Iowa strategy to focus on converting Trump voters

Pete Buttigieg will close out his campaign in Iowa focusing on his ability to win over disaffected Republicans who backed President Donald Trump in 2016, his campaign tells CNN, hoping that Democrats ... read more

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